Creatures are hostile animals in beat the boss 2. Specific creatures appear in different places. These are them.


A creature which dies once it damages you. I can spawn in normally (this means it just randomly spawns without doing anything) but also spawn with the "bee" weapon.


Sharks are normal attacking creatures that can only be spawned using "shark" weapon.


A normal attacker. He is spawned using the "Spikie" weapon. He has some special abilities, first off he is friendly until approached. Secondly, if you pick him up he will spin. Thirdly, if you drop him when he is spinning he will roll into you like sonic and kill you instantly. A very cool creature!


A normal attacker that can only be spawned in "fast food restaurant" by tapping the mouse hole and then the black shadow inside.


A normal attacker that can only be spawned in "Mike place fish market" by tapping the blue crates.


A normal attacker than can only be spawned in normally (this means it can spawn in randomly without doing anything) and has an ability in which if it hits the boss it will go inside the boss and damage him three times and then disappears.

Chattering teethEdit

A normal attacker that can be spawned normally (which means spawning randomly without doing anything) and can be spawned using the "chattering teeth toy" weapon.


A normal attacker that can fly and only is spawned with the "bat" weapon.


A normal attacker. It doesn't have any special abilities and is only spawned with the "spider web" weapon.

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